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Hibikipro Events is back at it again and for the third consecutive year, we proudly bringing you IdolFes @ GameSquare 2017! Yes, we are the official content provider for GameSquare obviously, we are bringing you current Japanese Idols, fresh from Japan! And usual, year by year, you can experience Japanese Idol culture right at door step, but be warned, the bait is stong. 

For the past 3 years, we at Hibikipro Events costantly bringing Japanese Idols to Malaysia to Malaysia's ACG events to introduce the culture of Japanese Idols to Malaysia. Our mission is to bring you the full fledge experience to all Malaysian fans, untainted and genuine, thus fits our style of "by fans for fans" type of event.

14th - 15th october 2017; Late evening
TICKET: RM50 each day/RM80 Both DAYS

(Main event is free entry)


Main Performers


STARMARIE is a 5 member fantasy unit Japanese Idol Group since 2008 where their aim during every performance is to give the audience a theatre feel, where audience will be at the edge of their seats, listening to the songs that are full of suspense and riddles, while the members perform with intense choreography and delicate expression.

STARMARIE has been a hit sensation across Asia, as every year they have numerous international performances Philipines, Vietnam, Hong Kong and much more. And this year, for the first time, they are coming to Malaysia.

So, for the first ever in Malaysia, get ready for their charming personalities and spectacular live performance!


Meet Fresh Vegetables, or commonly known as Furebeji (フレベジ) is a duo unit consist of SHUN & Hoshino Mana. Some of our loyal fans/attendees might know Hoshino Mana (Manaty) since this will be her third time in the row coming to Malaysia! Their song style is usually rock or ballad and their vocals will surely blow anyone's mine. You won't want to miss them performing live!

Furebeji produces their own songs & lyrics and usually performs songs acoustically. SHUN plays the guitar and Mana plays the piano and sings. Right now, their single "Jinsei wa mini game" is the ending theme song to the "Mahou wa iwaretai kanojo" drama. Talk about underground idols~